Pulled pork tacos with honey and chillies drizzle

I am a huge fan of simple recipes like these slow cooker pulled pork tacos. You can throw the pork in to cook in the morning and come back to an easily assembled dinner in no time. Despite my bias, I think the honey with chillies drizzle really kicks these tacos up a notch! I also find the purple cabbage brings a really great crunch to the taco. I used regular tortillas when I made this, but you can easily make this gluten free by using corn tortillas. I used feta cheese for the photos, but strictly speaking you should use queso blanco, but that may not be available in your area.


750g Pork tenderloin

1 x can of root beer

1x tsp salt

1x tsp pepper

1x bottle of your favourite bbq sauce

1 x small red cabbage

2 x limes

1 x ripe avocado

Cheese to crumble on top

3 tbsp x honey with chillies


I cut the pork tenderloin into 2 inch thick pieces, sprinkling some salt and pepper onto each piece and place in the slow cooker. Pour the root beer on top and start the slow cooker. I use a low setting for 8 hours or a high setting for 4 hours. Once the meat is completely cooked (recommendation of a minimum of 165F/73C), pour away the liquid and use two forks to shred the meat. Add enough bbq sauce to cover the meat.


Cut the cabbage and avocado into thin slices and heat a non-stick frying pan. Watching carefully, put the tortillas in the frying pan one at a time. Check to see if the tortilla is getting those lovely brown spots and flip once. When your tortillas are all lovely and toasted start building the tacos. Put a few tablespoons of shredded pork and top with cabbage and avocado and squeeze a lime wedge over the tortilla. Drizzle the honey with chillies on top, followed by the cheese crumble. The honey will help keep the cheese in place when you pick up the taco to eat.



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