As a teenager growing up in suburban Montreal, Colette and her siblings spoke French and English interchangeably and Colette was known as the wayward child, marching to the beat of her own drum. With a love of all animals, particularly horses, Colette thought biology would be a good career path.

Fast forward through multiple countries, a few degrees and a few decades. Colette was still riding horses and working as a biologist when a research assistant peaked her interest talking about honey bees. From the moment that Colette first handled a frame of bees from a colony, she was hooked! From there, Miel Rebel Honey was born. We focus on happy healthy bees in urban beeyards such as rooftops and rural areas such as horse farms.

At Miel Rebel Honey, we focus on local honey, harvested and extracted by hand as well as other hive products like beeswax wraps and candles. With multiple seasons working in a commercial beekeeping environment, Colette understands the wide ranging needs of honey bees and beekeepers alike. To this end, there are multiple ways to engage with the bees, from hosting a hive in your own backyard, to taking online and in person courses. There are also mentoring and individual hive tour opportunities available.