Lilac infused honey lemonade

This is a simple lemonade recipe perfect for those long hot summer days or when you’re dreaming of them during the depths of winter! You can modify the flavour easily here by swapping out the lilac honey for other flavour options. One of my favourites is to make strawberry lemonade (yes I am singing Oasis Talk Tonight in my head). I prefer to use organic lemons for simple recipes like this. I make this directly in the blender to reduce clean up time.


6 organic lemons

½ cup of lilac honey

5 cups of filtered water


Juice the lemons into your blender. I do this through a strainer to catch the odd lemon seed. This has the added benefit of catching a lot of the pulp. You can then choose to remove any seeds and add the pulp for pulp lovers like me, or make a smoother lemonade by omitting the pulp. Add the filtered water to the blender. Pour the approximately half the honey into the liquid and blend. Sample the lemonade to decide on how sweet you would like it before adding any more honey. If you have swapped out for a different honey like honey with strawberries, blend for a minute or two longer. Raw honey is the texture of peanut butter so will take longer to incorporate into the cold lemonade. I enjoy my lemonade with hexagonal ice cubes - but that might just be because I’m a huge bee geek!



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